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Empowering and Improving the Analysts’ Experience Through Harnessing Digital Behavior and Applying AI/ML Technologies

Better Data, Faster Actions,
Enhanced Decision-Making Capabilities

With the explosion of data sources, Analysts and Data Scientists alike are overcome with information, requiring more time for data preparation versus analyzing and making decisions based on the information. ABSC is changing this paradigm and the overall 'Analyst Experience' through the delivery of our SYNTASA Platform, a no-code/low-code/pro-code software application that makes it easy for citizen data analysts to leverage the power of the cloud and AI to process their data and deliver unique insights on their own.


The SYNTASA Platform has been critical in providing predictive behavioral analytics to support COVID-19 response capabilities, delivering business intelligence insights to support enterprise IT management, and combining digital and citizen behavior to provide sentiment analysis scoring and measures of performance indicators for advertising campaigns. No matter the industry or problem set, the SYNTASA Platform delivered by ABSC will help organizations harness and easily implement the power of AI/ML capabilities to improve decision making.

Combining digital behavioral data with offline data is critical for clients to achieve faster, more accurate, and informed decision making

ABSC has successfully deployed the SYNTASA Platform across multiple networks, public and private cloud environments, and in support of a wide array of customers and mission sets for both Federal, State, and Local Governments.

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Syntasa provides a single point, cloud agnostic, data centric solution

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“Syntasa created a level of efficiency for data scientists and data engineers. With data pipelines bringing data in and getting it ready for use in dashboards to answer key business questions, we inverted the curve from 80% data wrangling and 20% analysis, to now only doing 20% data wrangling, which gives us additional time to do analysis of the data.”

Technical Innovation Leader – Federal Government

Join us in a better understanding of your data, how others interact with it, and how those insights can drive innovative decision making capabilities at the speed of mission




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