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ABSC Business Technolog Solutions

Creating Change Together

At ABSC, we believe in working together to give back to our community through initiatives to protect the environment, support our military families and our veterans, and donate to those in need. For us, doing more than what the 9 to 5 job asks of us is who we are – whether it’s partnering with local organizations, fundraising for charitable causes, or gathering as a team for a community service project. We invite you to join us in our mission of caring, Social Responsibility  isn’t a particular project, it is in what we do everyday , maximizing positive impact across our customers, our employees and our community.

ABSC supports MED International’s mission to deliver lifesaving medical equipment to resource-poor regions


MED International focuses on understanding and addressing clinical needs and maintenance capacity one region at a time – currently in Zanzibar – so that donations of medical technology are used to their fullest potential. This means a lot of talking to local stakeholders and end-users of equipment like doctors, nurses, and technicians.

MED International always works alongside the government on its donations and capacity-building initiatives. This enhances existing health infrastructure and ensures the sustainability of our work.

Interested in learning more about the MED International’s mission?

Contact their Executive Director, Jay Marwaha, at 703-624-4100